Not at Fault Accident Repair Service

Not to blame? Do not claim! Its Your Right to Choose your Repairer

If you are the innocent party in a car accident, make Golberts Restorations your very first call. We can explain everything to you over the phone or if your vehicle is drivable simple call in to our body repair shop. Did you know that nearly 70% of people do not know that there is an alternative service if they have an accident and that is not your fault.

You don't have to go through your own insurance company. Instead come straight to us. We will save you money and take the headaches away by providing you with a professional and convenient accident repair service.

We will:

  • Save your policy excess
  • Stop you losing your no claims bonus
  • Provide you with a comparable car while your car is off the road
  • Recover all costs from the other driver's insurance company

If you've had an accident that's not your fault act in your own best interest. Contact Golberts Restorations who have an ever growing list of satisfied clients who have used our Non-Fault service.

Choosing your Repairer

Remember it is your vehicle and you can choose who repairs it. Many insurers have networks of their "approved" repairers. They may try and convince you to have your car repaired where they choose. Remember this is for their convenience not yours.

Don't be unduly influenced by insurers suggestions of delays and extra costs if you don't do what they say. You are entitled to consider the benefits of dealing with the repairer of your choice. You are not obliged to have your car repaired at an insurance company nominated repairer.

If you require more information you are welcome to call us on (02) 9556 2044

Total Accident Repairs Guarantee

All our work comes with a complete guarantee of the work undertaken; if the vehicle is under warranty we will continue to cover the repairs to match the manufactures specifications.

Courtesy Car

A courtesy car will be supplied upon request, this is completely free of charge. Your damaged vehicle can also be recovered and the courtesy car delivered straight to you, at your home, work place or designated location of your choice. All this, again, without a cost to you if you are the non at fault driver

Additional Repairs

Any additional repairs required on the vehicle can be estimated at the same time and substantial savings can invariably be made, if completed at the same time

Golberts Restorations has a staff of 20 employees who believe in doing it right the first time! Our multidisciplinary team approach ensures the delivery of superior workmanship and service excellence while our client service approach provides a structured method to identify your needs and requirements.

24-hour Recovery Service

Golberts Restorations is a towing and Recovery Company. We have Accident recovery vehicles and Roll Back Trucks to recover any accident-related vehicle. They could be reached 24 hours a day with a simple phone call.


We have been in business for over 30 years and value everyone one of our customers who has used our service over time. Below are a few of these customers and what they have to say about their experience with Golburt Restorations. From all our stuff, thank you all very much for your support